What is Managed Web Hosting (And Why You Might Need It)

managed web hosting

If you’re just beginning the process of developing a new website, you are probably met with a number of web hosting options you might not fully understand or you may not know exactly what features your website will need.

With the number of options presented to you, it’s important you purchase the web hosting necessary for your website to run smoothly and to keep your visitors happy. This may mean purchasing managed web hosting.

What is Managed Web Hosting?

Purchasing a web host that is considered “managed” means you will not need to worry about server issues. These problems fall directly into the hands of the web host, with their team of professionals ready to address any problems you or your visitors have.

This style of web hosting is particularly beneficial to anyone without the team or expertise to answer questions, address problems, or fix issues related to the server and web hosting. If you purchase a web host with a “managed” option, you will only need to focus on the content of your website and making your readers, clients, and customers happy.

Even if you do understand how to answer questions or fix problems, you may have a website so large that you can’t possibly respond to every single issue on your own. In this circumstance, having the management of your web host would be extremely beneficial to addressing complications or issues early on and before the problems overwhelm you and interfere with your business.

What is Included

Purchasing the managed option of your web host will mean different things depending on the service you select. Some web hosting providers may include every thing as a package that you pay for together, while others may let you pick and choose the assistance you would like from their team of experts.

The managed options you may be able to select include:

  • Upgrading for both software and hardware
  • Trouble shooting for any and all problems
  • On-call maintenance service
  • Back-up services
  • Set up of Control Panel
  • System maintenance
  • Checking for and installing updates

Be sure you understand what your website needs before purchasing a web hosting management package. There are a number of different managed plans out there, so do your research on service plans available to you before making a selection.

Is it Worth the Cost?

You will see that a managed web host plan will usually be significantly more expensive than a regular web host plan. The needs of your website and your ability to handle situations will determine if the extra cost of having your web hosting managed is worth it for you.

If you have very little IT experience and do not have access to a team of IT professionals, you may find that a managed web host is necessary. In many circumstances, the unlimited access to a team of IT professionals at your web hosting provider is much cheaper than employing a team of IT professionals on your own.

Using a team of IT professionals associated with your web hosting will also ensure that your website has a significant amount of uptime, meaning your page is running smoothly. Furthermore, a managed hosting plan gives you the ability to contact your IT professionals at any time of the day or on weekends, so you never have to wait for business hours to get something fixed.

So, while a managed hosting plan will be more than a standard hosting plan, if you operate a website that appeals to a high volume of readers and visitors, it may be important to pass on the maintenance component to a team of professionals. Specifically for individuals operating a small or medium size business, you may find that a managed hosting plan actually saves you money than employing a standard web developer.

Before making a web hosting purchase and decide if you would like a managed, partially managed, or unmanaged site, consider what your website truly needs and what you can realistically accomplish on your own. Create a list of things you believe you can do without outside assistance, the amount of troubleshooting services you think you will need, and how much money you are willing to spend to keep your website running smoothly.

From there, you’ll need to do extensive research on the plans available to you. Stick to your budget and remain realistic. If you believe you can tackle the IT problems on your own, a managed plan may not be worth your money. But for anyone who knows very little about IT, maintaining websites, and troubleshooting server problems, at least purchasing a partially managed hosting plan could help business run a little smoother.

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