Bluehost Hosting Review

Web Hosting Services By Bluehost

Bluehost is among one of the most experienced web hosting service providers. The company has built a relationship of trust with numerous web hosting service clients. Ever since the company’s founders started providing hosting services in mid 1990s, they have been known for the fact that they give a lot of attention to even the minuscule aspects of hosting services. The company has its own data center and call center for support services located on adjacent premises.

The company is among those few organizations which integrate their own servers, instead of purchasing servers available in the market. According to Matt Heaton, President of Blue Host, there are a number of advantages in building and customization of servers by the hosting company. They do not get bound by any hardware maintenance contracts and they get to have the advantage of being able to upgrade their server infrastructure according to their preferences.

Bluehost has some of the most attractive service plans. The most famous plan from Bluehost is charged at $6.95 a month. It comes with 1500 GB of server storage and 15000 GB of bandwidth. There are a number of value added features and you can host any number of domains.

Main features of Bluehost’s services are:

  1. A very easy to use website builder
  2. Free dollars for Google and Yahoo! search engine marketing
  3. Free of cost domain name registration and the ability to run 6 sites on a single account.
  4. Money back guarantee for 30 days
  5. A forum to help DIY customers


The plan that comes for $6.95 a month provides you superb value for money. You get the ability to host any number of domains. 1500 GB storage and 15000 TB of bandwidth is all that anyone can ask for. 2500 emails, e-commerce readiness,  Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Frontpage extensions etc. The company also provides a free marketing plan for your website. Moreover you get free of cost statistical information about your website, something for which most of the companies would charge an extra buck.

Server Reliability and Performance:

When it comes to integrity and server reliability, there are very few which can claim a record parallel to that of Bluehost. The fact that this company makes its own server systems is what makes a lot of difference. The company’s administrators are well aware of what hardware goes where.

They are not involved in maintenance contract with any third party organization. This means that the administrators can immediately swing into action if anything unwanted happens. Unlike some other hosting companies, they do not have to wait until some from the third party company comes in and tries to fix the matters.

In fact the problems are very rare as the company does a lot of research and testing before it classifies any server as production class. This means that administrators are aware of what would have gone wrong and they do not have to spend hours, trying to isolate the fault.


Thanks to the very high degree of reliability of server systems, the company has one of the best uptime records in the hosting industry. The company claims to have a track record of more than 99% of uptime in its services. As told earlier the company makes its own server systems. This allows it to make sure that only best possible systems are able to get into production line. Since the company does extensive testing of all its systems before deployment, most of the equipment is already seasoned and able to deliver optimal performance when it is put in usage. Other than that, Bluehost has multiple levels of redundancy and backup in both connectivity and power supply. This means that as soon as the main infrastructure goes down, the redundancy takes over and prevents any serious downtime issues.

Customer Service:

Bluehost has excelled in customer support services as much as it has excelled in hosting services. The staff of this company is knowledgeable and friendly. Their speed of response is very fast. They are able to get back to clients very fast because of the extensive training that the company provides to its customer support service team. You might have to hold for some time but the response timings justify that.

Customer Feedback:

The company has a large clientèle and most of the customers are fully satisfied with its services. Overall this is among one of the best hosting companies anyone can opt for.

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