The Top 5 Reasons Why You May Need VIP Hosting

vip hosting

VIP hosting is a premium-based service that is designed for use by large sites. It has several features that allow site owners to relax and focus on web content and not on the back end. This frees the owners to focus on the business side of the website.

Below are factors why this service is required.

1. Reliability

This service provides dedicated support for all website needs. Services are done in such a way that a hands-on approach is not required. They serve the world’s largest websites online and have unrivaled uptime. They are transparent and state that they want clients to hold them accountable for what they claim their users will get from their services. With a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and hourly backups factored in, data is guaranteed to be safe. Around the clock operational support is also available from system administrators. This means there will always be help when the website or server develops any issues.

They also carry out DNS-level mitigation techniques to prevent DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) thereby ensuring your site is always up. In other types of hosting, the risk of not having access to the bandwidth or memory you need because other people’s websites are using it all up is always present. Having a VPS server is not the answer, a site can still crash because it doesn’t necessarily have access to all the resources it needs to stay online, especially when it’s bombarded with heavy traffic.

2. Security

In today’s online scene it is necessary to invest time monitoring a website’s security or have someone do it. Sites that aren’t updated become easy targets for hackers. For VIP hosting a security team is tasked with this responsibility. They keep up with the latest security trends and vulnerabilities. They have a hands-on operations team and a secure codebase to ensure an impressive uptime. Engineers are present to review your code line-by-line to seek out security vulnerabilities and performance optimizations to ensure the site is stable. It allows business to easily create their own security policies so that they can have total control of the system.

A site can still be hacked due to reasons totally different from the host. This can happen when a password is compromised and is used to access the site. The other is when a hack occurs at a file system level. If this happens, having engineers to help get control of the site is important.

3. Cost

This type of hosting is not cheap by any measure. Compared to other options available such as self-hosting, this may seem very expensive. However, the money spent is for a package of up to 5 websites that can be added to an account without costing more or incurring additional fees. This makes it cheaper in the long run if you have multiple sites.

Managing a physical server is very expensive. It has operating and maintenance costs which run to high figures. This hosting is virtually managed by you and maintained by the company offering the service. No extra cash is spent on maintenance cost helping you to save money. Additional costs from lawsuit due to data breaches are avoided. Since the hosting is secure, potential legal battles for not taking care of client data are avoided. The performance of the website also matters and should operate at optimum levels to prevent loss of revenue due to down time.

4. Control

Control over the server and hosting makes it a prized offer. This is because it affords businesses much more flexibility. Most businesses require specific sets of tools and other software configuration on their server to meet their needs. This hosting enables them to customize and access every part of the web server and make changes that suit business needs. Custom software packages can be installed and can be done without waiting for your hosting provider to support it like in shared web servers. When an organization’s data resides on a server that it has sole access to this means there is reduced risk of business data being compromised. This hosting has the ability to point any and as many domains as you like to the IP address of your server, and unlimited subdomains of those domains as well.

5. Resources

When something undoubtedly goes wrong, the presence of top-notch consultants can spell the difference between total disaster or minor glitch. With unlimited VIP Support tickets and availability of experts, this proves quality hosting. Hundreds of features and certified plugins are made available for your site. The latest functionality and features of WordPress are integrated into the site as soon as they’re released into its core. All improvements that will make a website more feature-rich and faster are presented. Hundreds of plugins which can be integrated into your sites with a single-click are present to make any additions without touching a line of code. It has unlimited resources such as traffic, bandwidth, file transfer protocol (FTP), memory and storage, speed, and reliability. It is similar to dedicated web hosting but offers much more.

Resources are also needed for scalability as a business is naturally meant to grow. The growth of traffic for a website or a sudden spike caused by a viral piece can spell disaster if the host is not optimized. This type of hosting is able to serve 100+ million page views per day. With the offer of unlimited space and bandwidth, growth is no hindrance. This makes it appropriate for large companies with heavy traffic. When a need arises for the loading of a lot of high-resolution photos and videos, everything is kept running quickly and efficiently.


VIP hosting is not just about hosting, it includes developer support from some of the best engineers out there with code reviews on nearly every line of code. With flat pricing options for unlimited services, it is affordable. This hosting can work out great depending on what is needed for the website and the type of business. It is ideal for larger businesses with a lot of money, popular and lots of traffic.

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