The Top 5 Advertising Ideas for a Web Hosting Company

advertising ideas for a web hosting company

This article lists 5 best ways to advertise your web hosting business on a shoestring budget.  These advertising ideas include Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Banner Ads, Directories and Web Hosting Forums. We hope you will enjoy this article about the 5 best ways to advertise your web hosting business.

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the best ways to advertise your web hosting company. You can do it on your own or you can hire a company that will help you do it. You can take advantage of content marketing by creating articles that potential customers might find useful. You may, for example, write about how to find the best web host. This way, when someone is searching for the best web host, he would be able to find your article through Google. So it is important to include the keywords that you want to rank for.

When writing these articles, remember four things: 1) they must easy-to-read so that anyone could understand them; 2) they must be informative so that the readers would have a reason to share them with their contacts; 3) encourage comments by ending your blog posts with calls to action, such as “leave us a comment” or “continue the conversation”; 3) research competitor sites as well as sites that might be willing to accept your content.

2. Social Media Marketing

If you are on a small budget, social media presents an excellent opportunity to advertise your web hosting company. It allows you to get the eyeballs of many people for a small sum. If you have a big circle of followers on social media, the cost of you social media marketing campaign may even be equal to zero. It is especially useful when combined with content marketing, as it may give your content a social boost so that it could rank higher in Google and other search engines.

The first step to social media marketing is the creation of profiles on major social sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, not to mention Google Plus. When advertising on any of these sites, it is important to remember that their users want to see interesting, informative content, not just ads about your company. While it is acceptable and beneficial to occasionally publish information about your company, it is crucially important to mix that information with things that have nothing to do with your company. This said, the content that you publish should always appeal to your potential customers. So if you are promoting a web hosting business, you would be publishing articles about online marketing and other things that might be useful for web hosting businesses.

As far as Facebook is concerned, marketing on this site has become less efficient than before. Content business owners share on their pages is not as frequently shared in people’s feeds as before. That’s part of Facebook attempt to monetize its services. However, there is still a way to take advantage of its services. You can do so by following Facebook groups for small business owners and engaging in group conversations.

As far as LinkedIn is concerned, you can either buy ads or join LinkedIn groups related to web hosting. Joining a LinkedIn group gives you an ability to message it members. You can also create your own LinkedIn group and post useful information there.

When it comes to Twitter, you can publish interesting statistics and inspiring quotes. These two types of content never go out of fashion. They are also shared quite often.

When it comes to Pinterest, you can publish high quality photos. The keyword here is “high quality”. Since there are so many photos on Pinterest – practically all of its content is pure photos – your photos would be compared to dozens – if not hundreds of others – so make sure they are the best you can get. As far as topic ideas for photos are concerned, you can publish anything worthwhile that has to do with fashion and food. These two categories are the most popular ones on Pinterest. So turn your next restaurant visit into a Pinterest marketing event. Snap pictures of that delicious food. Just don’t forget to add a link to your site which you can easily do by specifying source of the shared image.

Google Plus has become especially important in recent years. Since it is fully owned and operated by Google, Google has full access to data from this social network. This means that Google tends to give high rankings to pages that are popular on this social site. Getting a lot of followers on Google Plus can give your site a significant boost in terms of search rankings. As a matter of fact, there are some cases when brand new sites started outranking established sites after they gained huge amounts of Google Plus followers. However, not all Google Plus followers are created equal, at least in Google’s eyes. Google differentiates between established Google Plus followers and new ones. The brand new sites that start outranking establishes ones tend to receive huge amounts of established Google Plus followers. If they received huge amounts of new Google Plus followers, that would hardly have any impact on their search rankings.

3. Banner Ads

Though not quite as effective as social media or content marketing, banner ads can help your web hosting company become a recognized name. The click through rates are really low though. For one thousand page views, there is usually one click or less. This means that out of one thousand people who see your ad only one would click on it. However, the cheapest banner ad costs only one dollar per one thousand views. This price would not place your ad on a top ranked site, but it definitely increase your site’s visibility.

4. Directories

Directories can be a cost effective way to advertise your web hosting business. Since most directory submissions are either free or cheap, you can easily gain a number of links to your site. While these links are not as high quality as those from major publications, some of them – especially those from established directories – can help your site’s search rankings.

5. Web Hosting Forums

Believe or not, some people are still using forums. Though social media has replaced forums as the main medium of discussion, some people are still using forums to get information about such specific issues as web hosting. To take advantage of forums, you can either buy forum ads or make forum posts. If you choose the latter option, be careful to make lots of forum posts before mentioning your site. Doing otherwise may get you banned from the forum.

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