The Three Point Check While Shopping For Server Hosting Providers.

The Three Point Check While Shopping For Server Hosting Providers.

Web site hosting services are rather complicated to purchase. There are a number of things to be considered indeed. If you fail to ask the right questions, you might be taken for a ride by a server hosting providers. While a number of server hosting companies provide you basic features for your website, there are a number of advanced features which are necessary. As, they would be responsible for the degree of control you have on your website and thus on your online businesses.

While there are a number of questions you would have to keep in mind when you go looking for web server hosting service providers, some of the most important questions are being discussed here.

“Would I be able to access CGI scripts?” You need to check about the CGI access from the companies you are considering for hosting services. CGI or the Common Gateway Interface is a very important scripting solution for website server hosting tasks. The usage of CGI is the transfer of data from HTML to any defined application. Almost every interactive website needs to have different options like pull down menus and text buttons. These allow the visitor to input required information.

These things start right from the point a visitor registers on your website. If you are provided access to CGI it is with the permission of the server hosting company administrators. Some administrators are paranoid and may not provide access to unknown programs. It is recommended to have this matter sorted at the very outset of your hosting.

“Are there any, and if yes- how many, e-mail addresses included in the plan?” It is recommended that you should have your email id in the same domain on which your website is located. This provides a professional look. The more addresses are included in your plan, the better it would be. In this way you can easily organize different emails in different sets. You can have technical support on one address, website feedback on another and general inquiries on a third address. There are much more options thus.

The third thing you need to check in server hosting is the amount of space. This one is the eternal question. “How much space do I get?” You should always keep in mind that as your business is not supposed to stay as it is today, so is your website. Bigger website means more space. It is advised that you must keep some buffer space so that you do not have to buy more space when you need it. Having buffer space allows you to get the new pages up while you shop for more space. But the amount of space is not all that you need to check. Confirm if the email storage is included or you have to pay extra for it as well.

You should also ask some other questions related to server hosting like speed, uptime ratio and domain name registration.

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