SSH Hosting Service – The Best For Mission Critical Online Hosting

SSH Hosting Service – The Best For Mission Critical Online Hosting

Secure Shell is a public key cryptography system that is implemented in the Application Layer of the TCP/IP model. It is a secure way to communicate with a computer system that is located in a remote location. SSH hosting services are growing very popular as the need of having online security is growing more and more. Generally it is implemented in the Linux server architecture because of the inherent security of the system, the degree of control available in Linux as well as its immense number crunching power.

SSH hosting is also used by employees who are telecommuting to remotely access their own data stored on the sever systems of their company. This is something like a virtual private network though at a simpler and more affordable level. They cannot only access their own files on the computers in their office but can also administer the computer by taking control their computers from a remote location.

SSH hosting is an evolution of the Telnet protocol which was designed for the same remote administration purpose but it was not a secure protocol as there was no cryptography involved in Telnet. The protocol is basically a CUI one and you are only given access to a Bash shell prompt. Since everything was sent and received in plain text form, Telnet is wide open to malicious activities, especially man in the middle attacks and packet sniffing as well.

Businesses evaluated Telnet and found that no security made the protocol something which they could not trust at all. They wanted more reliability and therefore more secure protocol went into works. SSH is what came out from the effort to make a secure Telnet like protocol. SSH is not only a much more improved and secured protocol, it comes with a number of aspects which were abandoned or overlooked during the development of Telnet.

If you are looking for SSH hosting you should look for certain features. Look for Remote Console which is the command line window used to remotely administer the computer system you are connected to. Then you should look for Exec Request. Exec Request can automate a number of network operations. This is a raw data transfer system and the terminal does not become involved. Encrypted Session data and secure login are require to protect your access credentials.

TCP/IP tunneling or what is commonly known as port forwarding is another important thing that you are going to need. It is meant to ensure security of connections using TCP/IP. Next you should look for authentication of passwords, public key which is used for decryption (since SSH uses public key cryptosystems). If you can also get Kerberos, so much the  better. In order to send and receive files from remote server you would need SFTP service as well.

Apart from this you must look for local printing of data on remote machine. There should be support for printing and there should also be support for pass through printing. Scripting support is another welcome feature.

SSH 2 hosting is a new and better version of the SSH hosting. The new protocol comes with enormous amount of fixes. It greatly improves the degree of security because all the cryptosystems have gone through massive overhauls. If you can get this SSH2 web hosting for a bit more money, you should take it.

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