Shared, Dedicated or VIP Web Hosting-Which One Is For You?

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If you are a new business owner interested in creating a website for your business, then it is most likely important for you to learn about web hosting. Web hosting is putting a website you have created on a server so that it can be seen and connected to by other individuals on the Internet. Having a website for your business can prove to be convenient for you, your business, and your customers. There are multiple kinds of the web hosting options you can choose, three of them being shared, dedicated and VIP web hosting. Whichever these options you choose may depend on what kind of business you have, as well as what you want the purpose of your website to be.

What is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared web hosting is when one server is shared by more than one website from more than one user most if not all the time. A real-life equivalent would be if you were living in an apartment with roommates. You all pay your share of rent, but there are only so many resources all of you can buy and consume each month.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting can fit you most basic of web hosting needs. It is also very affordable. Your website receives maintenance by the server administrators so you do not have to deal with this technical, stressful task. Shared web hosting can save you and your business time and money.

Unfortunately, this web hosting option has very limited resources. Your website has a limited amount of memory, and the amount of traffic you receive can depend heavily on how much traffic the other websites on the same server receive. If one other website receives a lot of traffic, then your website cannot obtain as much traffic. You will not be able to install programs on your website due to the limited memory. There is also a chance that if there is an excess amount of traffic, or because of the limited resources needed to run your websites more securely and efficiently, the website will crash.

How to know if Shared Web Hosting is for you

This would be a good option if you just want your website to display important information for others to see about your business or organization. If you do not plan on gaining much traffic on this website for any reason, such as making sales on this site, then you can provide Internet surfers with information for your business as well as information on contacting your business. If you are too busy with your business to have time for website maintenance, then a shared web hosting plan can provide you with the website you need that helps you save time and money.

What is Dedicated Web Hosting?

Dedicated web hosting enables you to have a server to yourself. This means that you will not have as many limitations as shared web hosting. Having a server to yourself also means that you can create multiple websites on one server without having to share resources with another user’s website.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dedicated Web Hosting

As mentioned above, a dedicated web hosting has more resources than a shared web hosting. With a dedicated web hosting, you can install programs because of the excess memory available with this option, can share and store different multimedia on the site such as photos and videos, and, thanks to there being more resources, your website can handle a lot of traffic without crashing. You have a lot of control over your server and your websites on your server. Dedicated web hosting is a secure, reliable, and efficient way to introduce your website to the Internet.

However, there are a couple of disadvantages with dedicated web hosting. One of the disadvantages is that dedicated web hosting is expensive. Greater freedoms, in this case, do come at a higher cost. The other disadvantage is that you are either required to have certain technological knowledge and experience or pay someone who has that certain technological knowledge and experience in order to maintain and even sometimes repair your website and server.

How to know if Dedicated Web Hosting is for you

This is probably one of the best web hosting options if you have a small business that is popular enough to gain at least a decent amount of traffic to your website. If you already have the technological knowledge and experience to properly handle your website, then this is also a good option for you. If you do not have that knowledge but instead have quite a decent amount of money, then you can still use dedicated web hosting by paying for a professional for technical maintenance along with the dedicated web hosting service.

What is VIP Web Hosting?

VIP web hosting has unlimited resources. These resources include traffic, bandwidth, file transfer protocol (FTP), memory and storage, speed, and reliability. It is like dedicated web hosting but much more.

Advantages and Disadvantages of VIP Web Hosting

Your website would be able to contain just about all and any kinds of media at the highest of resolutions. Not only will this website still be fast when there is loads of traffic on it, but you can also have a user interface where many people can make accounts and download and share files among each other. With 100 percent freedom from limitations, you can have complete control of your VIP web hosting site.

As to be expected, though, VIP hosting is more expensive than dedicated hosting and you or a professional you hire must be very knowledgeable of technology. This is especial since you may have a bigger website with even more traffic and accounts that need to be managed and monitored.

How to know if VIP Web Hosting is for you

VIP web hosting would be great for you if you have a large business with a great deal of popularity and recognition. Having a steady flow of sales and income from your business would most certainly help you pay for the expenses of your VIP web hosting site. This is also a good web hosting option if you want to be able to create your own unique social network.


Web hosting is a great tool for putting your business out there on the Internet. Any of these three web hosting options, shared, dedicated or VIP, can work out in great favor depending on the plans for the use of the website and the type of business. Shared web hosting provides the most basic of web hosting needs at an affordable price and is great for businesses and organizations that just want to showcase some important information. Dedicated web hosting is great for small business owners just starting out with a relatively decent amount of recognition. This is also good if they want more control over their website. VIP web hosting would be best for larger businesses with a lot of money and popularity. Most likely, there is a team working on the websites rather than an individual. Whichever of the three is best for you, go for the options that you think is the most beneficial for you and your business.

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