Looking For Cheap Hosting Plan? Let’s Have A Reality Check!

Looking For Cheap Hosting Plan? Let’s Have A Reality Check!

There are a number of web hosting companies which claim to offer cheap hosting services. They seem very attractive on the face of it. Considering that none of us wants to spend a lot of money when we can get the job done for a small amount of money, a cheap hosting plan forms a rather attractive lure. But are they as attractive as they seem?

There is an age old saying- you get what you pay for. This is perfectly applicable in the case of a company offering a cheap hosting plan as well. You cut costs and go for cheap hosting services and you are going to end up paying much more for the hosting than you had initially thought. This does not mean that there are no cheap yet reliable hosting plans. The matter of the fact here is that you need to be careful while choosing hosting and it is just not the place where you can cut costs.

One of the main reasons that people go for a cheap hosting plan is that they take the company’s advertising at its face value. The reality is that you need to carefully read the fine print. If something is being offered for ridiculously low costs, there has got to be a catch. While the companies might not altogether lie to you, they would surely resort to telling half truth in such a way that you would end up taking it as the complete truth.

Here are some of the most common catches that you would get in the so-called cheap hosting plan. The most common issue is the amount of space you get. Not only the total amount of space you get but the amount of money you would have to shell out when you have to get more storage space. Cheap hosting plans start with attractive price for storage in the beginning but when you want to get upgrades, you end up paying a way more than the market standard prices.

The second thing you need to care for is speed. These cheap hosting services come under shared storage, shared speed plans. This means that the machine on which your site would be hosted would have a number of other sites hosted as well. When all the sites use the same connection, the result is a choked, clogged pipe. You would be really lucky if you get enough speed to administer your website, leave alone people being able to visit your website.

And keep in mind that the bandwidth restrictions not only apply on the width of the pipe you get but also on the amount of data that can travel both up and down through the pipe. And just like you would be overcharged for storage space increase, you would also be required to shell out crazy amount of money to increase the speed limit and the amount of data transfer that is allowed from your website. Well a cheap hosting plan may come with all this!

But this is not done yet. As I have told you earlier you would be required to have your site hosted on a web server that is being shared by a number of other sites, this also means that you would really be restricted in what you are able to do with your web services. You would be limited in a number of aspects. To begin with almost all major site upgrades are out of question. The web server software is restricted and you should consider to have struck gold if you can get access to CGI scripts.

The next thing where you would be taken for a ride is customer support. The cheap services come with little or no technical support. This means that you are largely on your own in case you land in trouble with your website. The result is that if you go for such cheap hosting plan you are going to end up paying a lot more for a service that is nothing more than a waste of money.

If you are going for a hosting plan which can be classified as a cheap hosting plan, it is recommended to be really careful. Remember to check out each and every aspect of the service. If you can get some trial period, so much the better! If you do not get it, look for the shortest term plan and get some testing work done.

One of the sure shot ways top get information about the effectiveness of a cheap web hosting company is to collect feedback from the current clients. You can ask for the URLs of some sites hosted on that company’s server. A simple “who is’ search would provide you more details. Go through each and every clause of your service agreement and be crystal clear before you whip out your credit card to make payments.

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