Is Cheap Hosting Really Worth It?

Is Cheap Hosting Really Worth It?

A number of companies have started to offer cheap hosting services because of the increasing competition in the web hosting market. There are is always a percentage of the population who will think that these cheap hosting services are quite a bargain; the truth is a bit different. Just like any other bargain, there is always a catch. Most really cheap web hosting services don’t deliver either on the actual service or on the reliability of the service. At we see many cheap hosting companies who just don’t make the grade, in fact very few do.

Cheap web hosting services might seem very attractive when it comes to the prices but web-hosting services are just not about pricing. They are about much more than that. Any mistakes in choosing the web hosting services might land you up in a ridiculous amount of trouble. If you do not want to lose money and still want affordable web hosting services, you should run away from some of the indicators that are discussed here.

To begin with, you must stay away from the companies that claim to offer unlimited space in their cheap hosting services. These companies have the so-called Acceptable Use Policies which they shall use to charge you or rather to overcharge you by saying that your website is in breach of those Acceptable Usage Policies. The fact of the matter is that the clauses of these Acceptable Use Policies are anything but acceptable.

Banner less cheap hosting is another marker, which you should consider as a run away marker. Most of the cheap hosting services rely on finances that are generated through advertising services. The companies, which claim to offer banner less cheap hosting, actually provide this feature for a limited time only. They would surely put advertisements on their website that is a no question here; the question is how long you are going to get the banner free service.

The next thing you need to keep in mind is the mode of payment that is accepted by the company. There are fast track payments like PayPal and personal checks which are a very easy to setup. On the flip side, they are very easy to abandon as well. If a company is only accepting these fast track methods to accept payments, you should consider that the company might roll up and be gone at the prick of a brow. Look for long-term payment methods like credit card acceptance.

Limit on file sizes and downloads is something which is another marker that you need to stay away from this hosting company. The size of the files included in your website may vary depending on what type of file it is. If you want to host videos etc, this is not the web hosting service for you.

Keep in mind that the cheap hosting services do not come with uptime guarantees etc so if you want to run an online business or online mission critical applications; you should stay away from these cheap hosting services.

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