Information About Colocation Hosting

Information About Colocation Hosting

Colocation hosting is a novel concept that has been growing more and more popular in the recent times. The advantage of colocation hosting is that you get the connection speeds that are generally affordable by large businesses only but the price you have to shell out is slightly higher than the money that you would have had to pay for the standard shared web hosting services. In this case you purchase your own hardware and place it in the data center of the hosting company.

In this case you are neither leasing a shared server nor a dedicated server from the company, which is providing you hosting services. You have the hardware according to your own choice and you can use various professional services of the data center without having to worry about the usual problems, which you have to face in case you purchase your own server, and deploy it on the premises of your organization.

You get all the advantages that are available in the traditional web hosting services provided by the data centers. The advantages include environment control system, which takes care of temperature and humidity, physical security of the server, nonstop power supply, back up solutions and multiple redundancies. You also get the support services that are available with other plans that are available from the company. You have to take care of the server maintenance and upkeep.

This provides a great advantage to the companies who are growing very fast but are yet not able to afford the exorbitant dedicated servers. They get full control over their server system but do not have to bother about setting up the conditions in which the server is supposed to work. This means that you and your web administrators can concentrate on your business and your website more than concentrating on keeping it up and running.

The main reason that you should go for colocation hosting is because it provides you an extreme degree of control over the website. You can decide which services you want to offer on your website. In fact you also get control of some of those aspects, which are not even provided by the traditional dedicated web hosting services. There are a number of advanced services available to you such as virtual private networking. You can update and upgrade the server hardware and all software at will.

You do not have to bother about shared speeds either. In traditional shared hosting services you have to share bandwidth with other sites hosted on the server. In colocation hosting your site is the only one which is running on the server system. The result is that the full bandwidth allotted to that server system is for your taking. You would not be bothered about speed issues here at least. There would always be plenty of bandwidth.

Keep in mind that the colocation hosting provider can be a bare bones data center, a colocation hosting reseller or a company renting space from a third party data center. You would have to pay in the rack space terms where 1RU or a Rack Unit would be worth a given amount of money. In case of a tower server, you would have to shell out more money. Moreover you also have to shell out money for bandwidth.

It is advised to choose a data center near your location to have easy access to your server.

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