iPowerWeb Hosting Review

Hosting Services by iPowerWeb

If you think that most of the good hosting companies are the publicly traded ones, iPowerWeb is a name to change your decision. This is a non public brand which has been in business for around 8 years now. The company is also known for the extremely wide range of service options that it allows its clients to choose from. The company provides you support options including telephonic support, email based support and online chat based support, all of which are available round the clock.

This one here is a full hosting service company. It provides shared hosting over both Unix and Windows platforms. You also get the option to go for dedicated hosting service. VPS and domain name registration is also available from the company. The company provides some of the best economy plans and caters the entire gamut going up to enterprise level hosting plans.

Some of the key features of iPowerWeb hosting services are:

  1. You get a domain name free of cost and you can also host as many as six sites on one account.
  2. Money back guarantee for 30 days
  3. Online forum for people who believe in the DIY philosophy
  4. A really easy to use website builder application.
  5. Google and Yahoo marketing dollars for free.


Price is something which you would never have to worry about if you take hosting service from iPowerWeb. This company has a really wide range of hosting plans to choose from. The line begins as low as mere $4.95 and the top of the line product from this company is a complete end to end enterprise solution.

If you want shared hosting service, this is the place to be. Even the shared hosting plans come with a free domain name. The $4.95/month plan comes with 1500 GB of storage. This is something which you can not find everywhere.

Server reliability and performance:

This is where the fun begins.  This company has some of the best server hardware ever launched in the open market. The company boasts of Dell Power Edge servers, HP Proliant Servers and IBM high performance servers.  High degree of security is maintained by usage of firewalls from Cisco and Foundry.

The company adheres to 4Tier1 model. This allows the company t5o have redundancy which can allow super fast recovery in case something untoward happens. The company has around 20, system administrators all of whom are well versed in their craft. They keep an eye on the company’s server infrastructure around the clock. 3


Speed and reliability are the main driving factors behind this web hosting company. The company has various connectivity channels including top of the lineOC48 and OC 192. These high speed connectivity options are available for enterprise solutions at5 some of the most affordable prices.  The company has deployed multiple tiered intrusion detection systems. All the connectivity options are provided with redundancy which provides respectable degree of protection against distributed denial of services attacks.

Customer Service:

The customer service department of iPowerWeb is good. The company has a client base of anywhere around 700,000 clients. You would not face any major gripes when dealing with the customer support service from this company. The staff is pretty well trained. Due to the extremely high number of clients, you might sometime be required to wait a bit before the customer service executive gets in touch with you.

When you are able to grab hold of a client services executive, it would not be very long before the problem gets fixed. The company has deployed a proprietary solution to handle customer relations. All the executives are reasonably well versed in the handling that solution and assist the customer.

Customer Feedback:

The company has a client base which is just shy of three quarters of a million. Naturally this large a number means some people might have encountered difficulties which made them form a negative perception about iPowerWeb. All in all however, the people who are not satisfied by the company are far outnumbered by those who agree that iPowerWeb is a great hosting company in its own wake.

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