GoDaddy’s VPS Hosting Review

A Review of VPS Hosting Services by Go Daddy

Go Daddy was among the forerunners to introduce virtual private server based hosting. Instead of using the popular term ‘Virtual Private Server’ or the VPS, the company uses the term, Virtual Dedicated Server for its services. All the customers are given root level access and they also get a fixed IP address for their virtual server. Physical server is shared among a number of clients. Each client gets his own virtual machine.

Being a trendsetter in the hosting industry means that GoDaddy is able to deliver all the industry standard features and introduce some novel features as well. You get protection from bandwidth overage. This is an optional feature and protects your site in case you exceed your bandwidth quota.

Unique Benefits & Key Features

• You can choose a pre-configured plan or you can build your own server system..
• Server setup is free of cost.
• You have the choice to go for Linux, Red Hat Fedora Core OS, CentOS 4 or Windows Server 2003 operating systems.
• You also get 3 dedicated IP addresses.
• Security is ensured using a free SSL certificate.
• You can popularize your site using free credit for Google AdWords.
• You can also go for bandwidth overage protection.
• $1.99 domain with purchase makes domain registration as cheap as possible.

Editor’s Comments:

Go Daddy places Virtual Dedicated Hosting as a midway plan between shared and dedicated hosting. You can get space between 10 GB to 50 GB. Similarly it is possible to use many domains. You can even run a small hosting company of your own. The company provides you really great support options. The overall reputation of GoDaddy coupled with its superb service has made GoDaddy a great VPS hosting provider.

Basics: What you need to know

GoDaddy has a data center that is spread in an area above 300000 sq. ft. The connectivity is provided by a number of Gigabit Ethernet connections; up stream service is powered using BGP routing. The company has deployed UPS and generators for power backup. HVAC cooling is also deployed. In order to maintain physical security of the facility there are trained guards, fingerprint scanners and retina scan systems. Go Daddy also uses video cameras to record activity near servers. VESDA fore detection and FM200 fire extinguishing systems are also deployed. There is no physical access to server but clients get root access to their virtual machine. All in all the company has taken all possible measure to ensure that your data remain safe and available. It works very hard to maintain reliability and accessibility to the server.

General Managed Services – Bundles

Go Daddy provides you the option to have a company configured virtual dedicated server or you can configure your own virtual dedicated server system. Disk space is available between 10 GB – 50 GB. Bandwidth options range between 500 GB to 2000GB. RAM choices are provided at 256 MB to 1 GB. However the burstable RAM figures stand at double with 512 MB to 2 GB of RAM. Other than this you get SSL certificate and zero cost setup. Further server solution option includes CentOS, Fedora Core or Windows Server 2003. You can choose to have simple control panel, Plesk or cPanel.

Security, Updates and Backup

The security of your server is the utmost concern for GoDaddy. This is the reason that this company provides Tipping Point Intrusion Prevention System. It is a great solution for the people who want to keep an eye on whatever is coming to your server. It monitors all the incoming connections and tries to locate and isolate any packets carrying malicious data. In order to ensure maximum effectiveness and avoid false positives, GoDaddy regularly updates the filters of Tipping Point. This means that you stay safe from threats in the wild and even those, which have become relatively dormant.

Sample Server Plans

Preconfigured Economy Plan: 10 GB storage with 500 GB bandwidth, a simple control panel, and a $25 Google AdWords credit is priced at $23.99/month (This is a biannual plan.)

Preconfigured Premium Plan: 50 GB storage with 2000 GB bandwidth, a cPanel unlimited Control Panel, and$75 Google AdWords credit is priced at $83.95/month (This is a biannual plan.)

Customer Profiles

GoDaddy has a very long list of satisfied customers who use their Virtual Dedicated Server plans. They include:

Businesses who run online game servers

A number of small virtual hosting companies

A number of high traffic websites who have outgrown shared hosting services

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