Globat Hosting Review

A Review of Web Hosting Service by Globat Hosting

There are a number of web hosting companies in the market who cater to a niche. Globat Hosting is one such company. Globat Hosting targets its business towards the niche of medium or small size business organizations. The company also caters to people who are new to web designing as well as experienced web masters. Another very attractive feature of this company is that it allows you to host as many as 10 domains on a single account.

Globat encountered the usual jitters of a growing organization in recent times. The company has put that aside with some serious overhauling in its customer support services. The results are very positive and overall quality of customer service is now way better in comparison to what it was in the past.

Price Value:

Globat offers a plan called the Gigabyte plan. This plan includes 1000 GB of storage space and 1000 GB bandwidth per month. Not may people are going to need that much storage space but then storage space is something on which the principle of ‘the more you have, the better it would be’ applies. Globat also offers a TeraByte plan. This plan comes with added goodies like a free domain name registration in case of an annual commitment and free setup. If you enter into a commitment for two years, the free domain name registration is increased for the second year.


Globat has some of the best hosting infrastructure in the world. There is complete redundancy to ensure reliability and speedy recovery. The company has a custom designed network. It is powered by products from different companies like Sun Microsystems, Foundry and Cisco. Physical access to server farm is controlled through key cards and biometric palm scanners. Further security is available through cameras. Power backup is available from two generators.

Control Panel:

Globat has adapted Plesk, a very popular control panel solution and christened it as Globat Command Console (GCC). It is fast and easy when compared to Plesk. GCC revolves around four main aspects. They are management of email account, databases of the website, web statistics and directories that are protected. In case you are not satisfied with the simplified functionality of GCC, you may opt for full fledged Plesk control panel.

Customer Support:

The company has made rapid improvements in its customer service aspect. Trained executives are available round the clock and waiting times have been reduced. Globat can be contacted toll free from both United States and Canada. The company also provides live chat as online support option.

Hosting Plans

Linux/UNIX Hosting Plans
TeraByte Xtreme: 1000 GB storage space and 1000 GB bandwidth for just $6.95/month (ability to host up to 10 domains)
TeraByte XS: 5000 GB storage space and 2000 GB bandwidth for just $18.95/month (ability to host up to 100 domains)

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