Fatcow Web Hosting Review

Fatcow web hosting review.

FatCow is a web hosting company that has been around for over 10 years and they have tons of experience and great service plan options. They have become one of the hottest web hosting companies in recent years with the reemergence of their unlimited web hosting plan for shared web hosting customers.

One thing about FatCow that stands out amongst being the best in the business is their customer support which is terrific and runs along the lins of their HefierCratic Oath which includes customer response times of less than 2 minutes for customers who submit email questions to their sales and support personnel. They offer great 24x7x365 customer support.


FatCow’s pricing is very competitive with the rest of the market, however they do not offer the lowest available prices you can find. Their plans are available for $4.83/Month and that includes everything that you see in their unlimited shared web hosting package. The package comes with all of the bells and whistles including a free domain name, ecommerce capabilities, tons of scripts, free web site builder, blogs, cms and much more.

Server Reliability

FatCow has a proprietary system for having setup their servers in a pooled environment in a world class data center. They use load balancing to maximize efficiency and stability for their customers. This means that even if one server were to have a complete failure, which would be a rarity, that the other systems hooked up to the pooled load balanced environment would pick up the slack and there would be no downtime for their clients. It also means that should one customer utilize too much processing power on one server the pooled environment would act the same way that it would if a server went down and the load balanced servers would pick up the slack.

Performance and Uptime

Uptime at FatCow has rarely been a problem for our web sites hosted in their environment and since they implemented their load balancing proprietary system we have seen practically no downtime whatsoever. The redundancy of the server environment means that downtime is less than .01% guaranteed and what we have seen they have met those expectations for the past several years.

Customer Support

Customer Support at FatCow is very good, while not the best that we have seen,  their technicians, FAQ’s, quick customer support turn around of less than 2 minutes on tickets is very very good. Hard to beat our #1 best support company but Fat Cow comes close and gives them a run for their money.

Customer Feedback

FatCow customer feedback stretches back years (they have been in business for over a decade) and because of this we have seen mixed overall results but the trends for the last several years indicate that this is a company that has been through some hard times a few years ago and now really has their handle on providing a top notch service.

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