Everything You Wanted To Know About Linux Hosting

Everything You Wanted To Know About Linux Hosting

The inherent security and stability of Linux operating system has made it one of the best server platforms available in the market. Being a free operating system, Linux hosting solutions form some of the cheapest hosting solutions. If you use the Linux architecture for the development of your website, you can easily ensure that you get a secure, stable and cost effective website platform. Linux platform comprises of Apache, My SQL, PHP scripting system, XML and Python programming language.

My SQL is a very popular and well-established open source relational database management system. It is known for its versatility and stability. It can run natively on Linux hosting.

PHP is a server side scripting system. The commands of PHP are embedded in the HTML code of your website. PHP is optimized to work in a Linux server system in tandem with My SQL relational databases. A number of other features in Linux hosting are same as Windows hosting.

Python is a copyrighted programming language, which is based on same principles on which Ruby and Perl are based. It is an open source programming language that boasts a legendary degree of portability. This makes it really well suited for Linux hosting

XML or the Extensible Markup Language is a special language, which is designed to write web pages in it. It offers a very high degree of customization than standard HTML. Being a cross platform system, it can be easily used with Linux hosting

GNU/Linux operating system is also the easiest to get. You can request free discs for Linux operating system from ‘Ship It’ service of Ubuntu.

The main difference between Linux and Windows operating system is that Linux is an open source operating system. Not only can you get it free of cost, it comes with the freedom to customize the operating system according to your requirements. You can strip unwanted modules and leave only those parts, which are required.

An army of programmers working on voluntary basis constantly improves the operating system and there are a number of companies, which are backing the operating system’s development including IBM and Sun Microsystems. The operating system’s bugs and security holes are fixed at very fast pace. This makes Linux hosting very safe and secure.

You need to keep in mind that Linux is a different operating system and Windows programs cannot run on it unless you install the WINE application compatibility layer on it. There are however native Linux versions of most popular Windows application, which are also free in most cases. The wide hardware support in Linux makes Linux hosting a better alternative.

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