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Dot5 Web Hosting Service

For the people who want a cheap and affordable web hosting service, Dot5 is the way to go. The company has some of the cheapest plans in market. For just $5.95 a month you get 1500 GB of storage space and 15000 GB of data transfer. Then this plan comes with a number of freebies. You get a free domain name, ability to use Frontage extensions a professional grade web control panel and a superb website building solution.

The customer service of Dot5 is much better than some of the other lot. They are available round the clock. Contact options include phone, email and live chat over the internet. The agents are friendly and fast. There are many features in this service including CGI, Perl Ruby, MSQL and PHP. You also get 5000 POP email accounts in this service.

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Main Features of Dot5:

  1. Free domain name registration
  2. Ability to choose monthly plans
  3. Money back guarantee for 30 days.
  4. A number of professional class website templates to choose from
  5. Ability to opt for monthly plans
  6. Great web site builder with ability to host six sites on a single account


The price is something where there are few rivals for Dot5. You do not really come across a company that offers as much as 1500 GB space and 15000 GB of bandwidth for prices as low as $5.95. While there may be plans offered by a company that have mass appeal but this plan is applicable to almost every person who requires web hosting service out there. This is the reason that the number of people who move to and start their website with Dot5 are among the highest.

Apart from this, the company also provides a number of freebies. You get Google and Yahoo marketing credit, a simple yet very advanced and powerful website builder, free domain registration and number of other extras. There are a number of server side features on this website as well. You get Frontpage Extensions, forum and bulletin board systems, ability top deploy guest book and chat rooms, blog platform and numerous other scripting options.

Server Reliability and Performance:

Dot5 makes all possible effort to deliver the maximum possible server reliability. In fact the company provides money back guarantee to its clients. The company claims to provide 99.9% uptime. In order to ensure that a glitch does not become a catastrophe, the company has deployed real time monitoring service for the entire hosting infrastructure. The company also provides a backup program which is meant to make sure that in case you do run into any trouble, data recovery is not an issue.

Dot5 has some of the best hosting infrastructure in the market. Most of the servers are made by Dell or IBM. The components of these solutions include Dual Intel Xeon, 2GB DDR-RAM and speedy SCSI hard drives. They come with RAID-1 to ensure redundancy and fast recovery in case of crashes or system failure. The company has network capacity rated at 7.2Gigs. In order to ensure further connectivity redundancy, the company has deployed AT&T Local Services ring.

Dot5 has also made provisions for maximum possible power backup.  The company has deployed round the clock UP systems, round the clock monitoring via closed circuit TV as well as a cooling systems that has few pars.


Dot5 is a hosting company that provides you some of the best uptime rating. The company provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee and meets the standard comfortably. According to test and research work conduced on various sites hosted by Dot5, the company has been among the best when it comes to reliability and uptime.

The company has always believed that if you want to be successful in web hosting business, you should be able to deliver a service record that is free of red marks representing downtime. Thanks to the dedication of Dot5 to its work and its ability to work on a regular basis to ensure service flow, the company now has one of the best uptime records.

Customer Service:

Dot5 customer service is among one of the best customer support services that you would come across. All the executives are well aware of the company’s plans and services. They are prompt and detailed regardless of the fact that you are looking for pre-sales support or post sales support.

Customer Feedback:

Dot5 enjoys and enviable reputation in the web hosting industry. Most of the customers are fully satisfied as they get world class service at very low prices from Dot5.

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