Domain Name Hosting Services

Domain Name Hosting Services

Proper domain name hosting is a basic necessity for almost anyone who wants to have his own website. It has a very important role to play in the effectiveness of the impact that a company targets to create with its website. The domain name is the address of your website and without the domain name no one would be able to visit your website. If you are not aware, the domain name is the address of your website which is unique in tech speak is also known as the URL of your website.

General choices when it comes to buying domain names is that you should opt for either those names which are either same as the name of your company for example if you have a company called ABC then it is advised to go for domains like In case you are not able to get the domain with company name, you can opt for a domain name which reflects upon your area of business. Jewelers for example can opt for domain names like or

After you are done with the website design work and have also registered that domain name that you want, you have to combine the two and make your website publicly accessible. For this purpose, you have to go for the domain name hosting services. Merely having the website and registering the name would not make it accessible is not enough, if you fail to secure proper domain name hosting service.

It is very easy to get your website prepared. You can give some ideas, all the information and a lot of money to the web designers and developers. They would prepare the website for you. You can also pay the money and have a swanky domain name registered. This would just not be enough unless you make your site publicly accessible using proper domain name hosting service. People who do not know about it can not access your website and even if someone does get the URL, he would also get a page not found error only.

The domain name hosting service acts as the conduit between your website and the domain name that you registered for it. If you are a very large company and can afford the assets that are required to do so, you can have your domain name hosting done in house. If you think that doing domain name hosting in house would be a very extravagant idea, you should opt for external domain name hosting service.

There are a number of things you can expect from a domain name hosting service provider. The concept of domain name hosting is pretty simple. The hosting company which you avail the services of, provides your website a place to reside from where different people can visit it. The hosting company puts your site on their high performance web servers. The web servers are specially designed and configured to  deliver the maximum degree of uptime.

People who want to visit your website have to type the URL of your website in their web browser. The web hosting company would also make such settings that if someone types the domain name that you registered, your site should be returned as a result. It is like providing a map of your location to the post office so your letters can be delivered to your home only. With the map the post man would be able to locate your home and the letters would be delivered to your home.

Similarly the companies have their own domain name servers running up which point your URL to the place where your website is hosted. All the DNS servers work  in tandem with root servers and update the data on each other. The internet is designed to act in this way.

Another advantage of domain name is that they are portable. You can keep the same domain name yet move between different hosting services providers. Similarly you can  also sell out a domain name registration if you do not need it anymore.

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