Dedicated Hosting: Expensive But Simply the Best

Dedicated Hosting: Expensive But Simply the Best

Of all the types of web hosting services that are available today, the best hosting service is still the classical dedicated hosting service. The advantage of dedicated hosting service is that an entire server and a dedicated Internet connection are provided to your website. Dedicated hosting is a bit expensive in comparison to shared hosting or virtual dedicated hosting but when it comes to the advantages, dedicated hosting clearly trumps all the other types of hosting service options hands down.

The mainstay of dedicated hosting service is that you get a lot of control over almost all the aspects of your web server and the chances of your site suffering downtime because of other administrator’s mistakes get wiped out. Dedicated hosting is the best option when you are supposed to be running mission critical applications on your web server.

Let us take the advantage of dedicated hosting with regard to speed first. As a matter of fact you get a completely dedicated pipe in dedicated hosting option. Your website does not need to share bandwidth with any other site as server is meant for your website use only. Thanks to dedicated web hosting service, the response time gets lower and the overall performance of your website becomes snappier.

The second main reason why you must opt for dedicated hosting service, especially if you are running a mission critical application is that dedicated hosting service is much more reliable. You have absolute control over all the application and system software solutions installed on your PC. Theoretically it is possible to protect your web server with the same security policies which you have implemented on your on site server systems. The result is that your website functions smoothly with high uptime.

The third main reason why dedicated hosting is the best for you is because of the degree of customization that it offers. Since you have absolute control over all aspects of your server system and not just your run of the mill, Cpanel stuff, you can customize your server in such a manner that it delivers the optimal level of performance.

You can get dedicated hosting service on Unix, Linux, Windows or Mac OS X based server platforms. If you have decided that dedicated hosting service is what you want then it is recommended that you must have a look at the reviews provided here as well as the prices and offers made by different companies.

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