Dedicated Hosting: Expensive But A Value For Your Money

Dedicated Hosting: Expensive But A Value For Your Money

The common standard in the web hosting industry is to provide shared hosting services and if there is not explicit mention, a web hosting service should be considered a shared web hosting service. In shared hosting you have to share the server hardware and internet connection with a number of other web sites. While price wise the shared hosting services look very attractive but you need to keep in mind that these services come with a host of problems and end up very expensive in the long run.

For the people looking for absolute control over the web server system shared hosting service is an absolute no-no. If you are also the one looking for absolute control over the web server system, go for dedicated hosting service. Be warned at the very outset that dedicated hosting services are not cheap. They are great services and demand big, if not great money. In case your business has a huge number of clients you should go for dedicated hosting services.

On the flip side when you go for dedicated hosting services you get a load of responsibility on your shoulders. You have to take care of every single aspect of your website as well as your web server. As the old saying goes, with great power comes a greater responsibility. If you decide to go for dedicated hosting services, you are bound to do all the things for your website. You are required to purchase and set up all the equipment and software solutions and the internet connection as well.

A great advantage of the dedicated hosting service is the exemplary degree of physical security you get. Since your server hardware is working in front of your eyes, you can keep an eye on who has access to the server system and who comes to do what. In order to ensure maximum uptime, you would have to ensure multiple power redundancies and backup solutions. The server runs under extreme conditions so you would be required to install environment control systems in order to ensure optimal performance.

If you want to check whether this is the right time for you to move on to a dedicated hosting service provider, here are three parameters on which you would be required to base your decision:

First and foremost parameter to decided if it is time for you to move on to dedicated hosting service is the speed that your website requires. There are sites which can perform decently in home level broadband speeds and there are sites like eBay and Amazon which are over several server farms. The reason is simple the more the people visit your website, the bigger pipe you would require to cater to their needs. If you are witnessing problems in accessing your own site, it is time to get dedicated hosting.

In order to get the best speeds you would have to estimate the number of people who are visiting your website as well the average connection speeds of your visitors. But above all you need to decide the speed based on the kind of content that is hosted on your website. The trick is that you should be able to provide decent speed even to the last visitor on your website. Just like storage space, you should have more speed than what you want.

The second parameter to decide if its time to move on to dedicated hosting service is the reliability of the service. As you know that hosting complex websites can be a very process intensive task. If you are experiencing frequent downtime due to hardware glitches, it is time for you to consider dedicated hosting services.

The third and arguably the most important parameter to decide if it is time for you to move on to shared hosting is that you should consider the degree of customization that is allowed in your present hosting solution. If you are not getting proper hosting services, your business might become stifled and you might land up in trouble. As your business grows you would require more control over your website. This is in order to add more features to your website.

With shared hosting however the customization options are very less. There is very less you can do. And if you think that you need more control, you need to move on to dedicated hosting services.

It is also advised that if you are running a website for mere informational purposes, the dedicated hosting might be an over kill. Here shared hosting should suffice.

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