Beginner’s Guide To JSP Hosting

Beginner’s Guide To JSP Hosting

JSP hosting services are growing more and more popular as people have started to realize that Java based hosting services are very attractive and powerful. JSP hosting is a special type of web hosting service, which draws from the Java Server Pages technologies. This is a technology that is similar to the Active Server Pages technology launched by Microsoft Corporation. The hosting for JSP also revolves around principles that ASP hosting services revolve around.

Java Server pages or JSP is a server side scripting system. It is a very simple system and works on the same tag based architecture on which HTML and XML work. You have to insert the JSP tags into your web page code written in HTML or XML in order to give dynamism and interactivity to your web site. The pages that are created as a result are totally platform independent, which means that they can run on any browser and do not rely on any specific layout-rendering engine.

If you want to take utmost advantage of JSP tags included in your web page, you would have to opt for JSP hosting services. In fact it is the logical choice after you have included JSP tags in your website and are looking to take advantage of the features which rely on JSP technologies. While any type of Java hosting should be workable, certain workarounds would need to be implemented unless you want to deliver the optimal results.

In order to code pages in JSP, you do not have to learn the programming part of Java. There is no logical portion like any programming language but simple mark up tags like those used by HTML. Some common JSP codes include directives, which are the instructions to be processed at the time of compilation of the page, are discussed here.

There are the hidden comments, which are not to be processed but are put in there for developer’s information. Declarations are meant to declare variables or methods to be used in the web page. The expressions are put in for result generation, which are inserted in the output stream. Scriptlets are pieces of code which access and execute declared variables.

The advantage of JSP over Microsoft’s ASP is that JSP is platform independent. ASP is a proprietary technology, which is designed to work with Microsoft Server Solutions only. Unlike this JSP is not bound to any specific platform rather it is meant to work on any platform. This means that if you want JSP hosting services, you are not bound with expensive Windows hosting options and you can go for the much more affordable Linux based hosting options.

When compared to pure servlets, JSP is pure bliss. Any person who has knowledge of HTML can easily expand his knowledge and code pages in JSP. Moreover thanks to the versatility and dynamism of JSP, you can have a number of people working on a single website project at the same time. In this way you can have the project finished much faster than in case of a single person working on the entire project.

Naturally JSP hosting is a much better option in comparison to other forms of website hosting.

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