iPower Hosting Review

A Review of Web Hosting Services By iPower

OK, the name of this web hosting company might not be really attractive when it comes to that but there are a number of things about iPower web hosting service that would get you hooked to it. Naturally a company, which is hosting more than 500000 clients, must have something to write home about. The mainstay of the service of this company is the fact that it offers you a low frills package. There is no need to worry about a number of aspects of the service as the company offers you really great budget options.

From the start up plan onwards, all the packages from the company come with some of the best options available. You get a number of options. There is CGI, SSL encryption. Support for PHP scripting and MySQL databases. You also get advertising credit of $30 with Google and $50 with Yahoo. The company allows you to choose from a number of options. There is Windows and Linux based hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated hosting and even web design service accounts to choose from.

Price Value:

If you want the company that can deliver the best value for money in its web hosting service, this is the one that you should be looking for. You get 5 GB disk space. This much is enough if you want to run any basic site with a number of images and some audio files. The company only charges you $6.50 for a domain name. The main reason, which makes this service deliver the best value for money is that, you do not have to pay for the features that you are never going to use.  Now there are a number of companies which would offer you way better in terms of figures like disk space and bandwidth, the company does not charge you as much as those companies either. If you are any common website owner, you would not need terabytes of space and bandwidth either. There is no need to go for companies, which claim to offer you a lot of freebies when in almost all the cases, the price of these freebies is already included.


What use is a web hosting company when it can not offer you reliable hosting service? If you take iPower hosting service, you get some of the best hosting options The Company has 4 data centers that are connected through a number of backbone providers. There is Global Crossing, AT&T and Cable & Wireless. All these companies are the best in their business and provide really high grade hosting connectivity.  All the servers that are deployed by this company are either Dell PowerEdge or HP Proliant. Connectivity options include OC48 and OC192 type connections. In order to ensure the security of the data centers, the company has deployed guards and a number of other physical security measures.

Control Panel:

There was a time when iPower customers got cPanel 5 as the hosting control panel. The company has since moved on to vDeck. This is a proprietary solution developed by iPower for its clients. The solution is easily one of the best you would ever come across. It is simple and tightly integrated with the services.

Customer Support:

The customer support system of iPower hosting is completely online. You can search solutions in an online database. There is an email-based support system as well.


Hosting Plans

Linux/Unix Hosting Plans
Starter Plan: 5 GB disk space with 250 GB bandwidth is priced at $3.95/month
Pro Plan: 1500 GB disk space with 15000 GB bandwidth is priced at $6.95/month (up to 6 domains)
Pro Plus Plan: 2000 GB disk space with unlimited bandwidth is priced at $12.95/month (up to 10 domains)


Windows Hosting Plans
Windows Pro: 100 GB disk space with 1000 GB bandwidth is priced at $8.95/month
Windows Pro Plus: 200 GB disk space with 2000 GB bandwidth is priced at $14.95/month

Dedicated Server Hosting Plans
iPower CPS 100: 400000 MB disk space with 500 GB bandwidth is priced at $79.00/month
iPower CPS 200: 80000 MB disk space with 1000 GB bandwidth is priced at $99.00/month
iPower CPS 300: 120000 MB disk space with 1500 GB bandwidth is priced at $129.00/month

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting Plans
20 Gigabyte VPS: 20 GB disk space with 1 TB bandwidth is priced at $26.95/month
40 Gigabyte VPS: 40 GB disk space with 1.5 TB bandwidth is priced at $35.95/month
60 Gigabyte VPS: 60 GB disk space with 2 TB bandwidth is priced at $44.95/month

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