Dreamhost Hosting Review

A Review of Web Hosting Services by Dreamhost.

The most striking thing about Dreamhost is its unconventional approach to marketing its services. The company claims to offer your dream server or the domain name of your dreams (Interestingly, Dreamweaver is one of the most popular web designing tools as well, though it is not related to this company). The home page of the service features a kid who is sleeping on a couch, assumingly after a nightlong party.

Four people who had studied computer science started the company in 1997. The company stated with a T1 line and a Pentium 100 server. Today the company hosts more than 200,000 websites. It has more than 700 server systems, which are maintained by around 40 dedicated personnel. You must keep in mind that Dreamhost is a completely non-Microsoft service. The company only uses Unix or other variants for its hosting services. You get the very popular Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP(LAMP) platform for hosting services.

Price Value:

Oddly, the company has taken the way against the tide. Instead of offering five to ten domains and unlimited number of email accounts, Dreamhost offers any number of domains. The company does put a ceiling on the number of email accounts you can have, just 675. The service does provide you a terabyte of bandwidth. This is more than enough for most of the websites.

The company offers good discount web-hosting services. You also get some fancy stuff, which is another way to attract people. Loyalty bonuses are available from this company in the form of free bandwidth. The company also provides full support for Ruby On Rails. Other services from Dreamhost include dedicated hosting for 99 dollars a month and domain registration for just about ten dollars.


There are no hidden charges involved in this service. More over the company provides a lifetime freeze on the prices for which you become a customer of this company. This means that you would not have to be bothered about fee hikes. The company even provides you a money back guarantee that spans 97 days or around 3 months and a week. This makes it one of the longest trial periods available in the hosting sector.

Control Panel

The company uses its own proprietary control panel that is based on the Internet. It allows you to manage billing, creation of websites, email accounts etc. Then there are a number of additional tasks available in this solution. There are suggestions from customers, a program for charity donations and a special customer discussion area. You also get a very attractive Rewards program. The company has built the feeling of community among its clients.

The control panel is also loaded with other attractive features like automatic responders, instant messaging based on the Jabber protocol, logs etc. Streaming services are available for Quicktime and Real media formats. The solution is primarily a text based one so you might have to spend some time learning to find your way around.

Customer Support:

The company has a three-step customer support system. The step one is an online support wiki. The second step is the discussion forum and the final step is email-based support. The overall approach of this company is that clients should become self reliant in site maintenance instead of running for customer support every time something goes wrong.

Hosting Plans

Unix/Linux Hosting Plan

Managed Web Hosting: 20 GB disk space plus 1 TB bandwidth @ $7.95/month (unlimited domains)

There is a one-time $49.95 setup fee. If you prepay for a full year you do not have to bother about that.

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