AN Hosting Review

A Review of Web Hosting Services by AN Hosting

AN Hosting started operations in 2001. Ever since the company has claimed that it allows you to host as many as 20 sites on one account and it is a company that would never go down. The company sure has lived up to its expectations and those of its customers. AN Hosting hosts your websites in the Equinix IBX data center. Based in Chicago, this is one of the best data centers in the entire United States. The facility is designed to be operational even the most adverse conditions. This includes power outage, unexpected changes in the climate etc. The data center also employs top of the line security systems to ensure that hackers and identity thieves are not able to access your website. More than 25000 people avail the services of AN Hosting.

The plan available from AN Hosting does not come with any setup charges, or customer support charges. There is a domain name included in the service that is touted as free. Other than this you get SiteBuilder, Web Analytics, any number of email accounts you want. AN hosting also provides you VPN services if you want.

AN Hosting Special Offer: You can buy an year of Windows or Linux hosting and AN would provide you 3 months of hosting if you enter the code HR3 when you register for your service. This means that the charges for 12 months would be effectively reduced to those of 9 months. Your final cost would be somewhere around $5.21 a month.

Hosting Review Top Pick:

In 2006 the company won Hosting-Review 2006 Best PHP/MySQL Hosting Award. Moreover this is the Editor’s Pick 2006. You are allowed to get 10 domains in a single account. Not to forget that this service is backed with excellent customer support.

Price Value:

Instead of offering you a set of different plans, this company offers you a single plan that comes with all that you would ever require. The number of features included in this plan is staggering. You get tools for designing websites, management of email accounts, e-commerce, statistical tools for your site and much more. All this is available for $6.95. The base of this plan is the 500GB of storage space and 5000 GB of data transfer.

AN hosting offers you 99.99% uptime guarantee. This is applicable to both the server and the network. The flip side is that while the company does provide you a money back guarantee, it is not 100% money back. You do not get back $21.95, which is used, for domain name registration. This is despite the fact that AN claims to offer s ‘free’ domain name.


The overall customer retention rate of AN Hosting is very high. It has been able to provide extremely reliable services in its entire service history. The equipment and human capital deployed by AN Hosting is just the best in industry. There is a high end NOC that comes with twin OC3 lines and multi level redundancy. The company has lived up to its claims in reliability figures for quite some time now.

Control Panel:

AN Hosting provides you cPanel as the control panel solution. It is equally usable by beginners as well as by seasoned site administrators.  The control panel also comes with integrated features for administration of your web hosting account. You can easily manage all aspects of your site from a single solution.

Customer Support:

There are all the industry standard support options available from AN hosting. You get round the clock, across the calendar support using toll free telephone lines. Other than this there is support-using email and behold by standard postal mail (Yep! Snail mail)

Hosting Plans

Linux/UNIX Hosting Plan:

The Mega Plan: 500 GB disk space with 5000 GB bandwidth at just $6.95/month (Host up to 20 domains)

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