Jumpline Hosting Review

A Review of Hosting Services by Jumpline

There is a saying that all good things come at a price. This is completely correct with Jumpline. The company is relatively expensive but it really distinguishes itself because of its great connectivity, effective data handling and a network that is powered by Cisco and comes with multiple level redundancy for downtime avoidance.

Jumpline is able to live up to its claim of offering 99% uptime to its clients. This is because the company has special internal network monitoring and maintenance systems. All the systems for traffic analysis, data management, and other important tasks are individually deployed for every client.  The elaborate security systems mean that Jumpline charges way more than any run of the mill hosting service provider. On the positive side, the extra money that you have to pay is well worth the return you get. You can run mission critical sites without having too much to worry about.

The company has deployed Sphera’s Virtual Dedicated Server. This solution is the cornerstone of the entire web-hosting infrastructure of Jumpline. It provides the flexibility to customers to put even those applications on the server, which generally other hosting companies would run miles away from.

Price Value:

OK, price value is not the strongest point of Jumpline. For just 250MB of space and 5GB traffic, you have to shell out as much as $9.95. Hosting-Review has seen a number of other hosting companies, which are way cheaper than what this company charges. The company provides run of the mill features, MySQL for example. The fact that data network of this company is just great is the reason why you should opt for Jumpline web hosting services. It is best suited for e-commerce.


Jumpline has entered into a partnership with Qwest to make sure that the NOC of the company delivers optimal performance all the time, time after time.  The NOC is located in Qwest’s cyber center, which is a top of the line facility worth $63 million. Some of the other NOCs hosted in the facilities include household names like Ebay, J P Morgan, Amercian Cancer Society, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and even the Department of Defense. What more can you ask for in security?

Control Panel:

Jumpline provides you Sphera control panel. Visually, this is the most pleasing control panel that you would come across. The solution is a bit thinner in features but it is still enough to satisfy the average Joe. Another drawback is that it is rather slow. Most of the control panels are faster than what you have here. Seems like- eye candy took toll on Sphera!

Customer Support

Customer support is another key aspect of Jumpline hosting service. The company has a toll free number for telephonic support. Then there is the online FAQ, which is very detailed. The company also provides network updates, which display the current server performance.

Hosting Plans

Linux/UNIX Hosting Plans

J1-VDS: 500 MB disk space and 5 GB bandwidth for $9.95/month

J2-VDS: 1000 MB disk space and 15 GB bandwidth for $14.95/month

J3-VDS: 2000 MB disk space and 20 GB bandwidth for $21.95/month

J4-VDS: 3000 MB disk space and 25 GB bandwidth for $29.95/month

J5-VDS: 4000 MB disk space and 40 GB bandwidth for $49.95/month

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