5 Top Benefits of Reseller Hosting

reseller hosting

What would life be like without the Internet? Who would want to imagine that? We use the Internet for almost everything daily. On the Internet, we view and use websites to access information and to perform various functions online. A website cannot exist without a web host i.e., a computer or server that provides all the services to the website. While they are several types of web hosting, we will focus our attention on reseller hosting, where owners of hosting services resell them to other customers. Acting as the middle man, reseller hosting is ideal for online entrepreneurs and web designers/developers. It has several benefits; however, we will list its top five advantages.

1. More Tools and Growth

Most parent hosting companies offer basic hosting plan and reseller package plan. Generally, with reseller package plan, there is one lump-sum monthly fee that covers a larger amount of disk space and more features that are not provided in the basic hosting plan. For companies whose websites use different URLs and different servers, purchasing a reseller package plan is a cost-saving investment because having multiple hosting plans is more expensive and allocating different amounts of disk space and bandwidth to meet their specific needs is an additional plus. Most parent hosting companies offer upgrades to both basic hosting and reseller package plans. So, these upgrades can enhance growth in the reseller’s business.

2. Maintenance-Free

With the reseller package plan, the parent hosting company still provides technical support, server updates and maintenance, and some customer services to the reseller’s clients. So, this frees the reseller from all the responsibilities of all the major technical stuff, which allows the reseller to focus more on running the business.

3. Inexpensive To Run

With the reseller package plan, the parent hosting company essentially provides almost everything needed to set up a reselling business. Therefore, the reseller doesn’t need to purchase any expensive dedicated servers or additional hardware needed for web hosting. Also, if resellers run their own websites with multiple webpages and/or already have a large clientele, then purchasing one reseller package plan will be a better bargain than multiple basic hosting plans.

4. Full Control

With the reseller package plan, resellers are given more tools, features, disk spaces, and bandwidth at their disposal. Thus, resellers will have absolute control over how these hosting resources are divided into separated plans, allocated, priced, and branded. Most reseller package plans come with automated system to expedite and increase the sales of these separate reselling plans.

5. Income Generator

In addition to low overhead and maintenance costs, resellers can earn residual revenues from their sales of web hosting services as they are operating their own websites. So, the websites can essentially pay for themselves, while the resellers make a profit from their web hosting services.

With advantages also come disadvantages. Resellers must to be very knowledgeable of the technicalities and business of web hosting industry. Resellers will have to be available to their customers at all times; problems may arise at any time and their customers will need around-the-clock access to the resellers. However, most parent hosting companies provided several automated services in their reseller package plans. Resellers may never meet their clients. This may also be plus, by the way. In addition, if it is necessary, resellers can invest in online conference/chat software for improving customer services building longer relationship with their clients.

Nevertheless, with the pros outweighing the cons, resellers can enjoy the perks of providing quality web hosting services without unnecessary hassles, major upkeep, and high start-up costs. They have more access to web hosting features and space, full control of how their business is run, greater capacities for their websites to function faster with more content and resources, and generate additional funds from selling their unused web hosting services. Like with any business, resellers will have to invest much of their personal time, effort, and resources initially. Yet, once the reseller hosting business is functional, especially with the available support and resources afforded by the parent hosting company, resellers and their customers will see and appreciate the benefits of the service provided.


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